17. dets 2008

presentation of myself and my interests

I live in Tallinn, Estonia. I am a lecturer of financial accounting at the Estonian Business School (EBS). Financial Accounting is a core course, which is a part of the core of programme for the Bachelor’s degree studies. With regard to the type and level of courses read more about González, J & Wagenaar, R., 2003, p 47. Financial Accounting is a basic level course, which gives an introduction in a subject. This course is recommended to be included at a first cycle business programs in Europe. According to González, J. & Wagenaar, R. In a strict meaning «curriculum» can be defined as «plan for learning» consisting of a coherent and integrated set of learning situations (2003, p 127).

I have been working as a programmer and an accountant. I hold a graduate degree in computer systems engineering from Tallinn Technical University (1984) and a master degree in business administration from EBS (2002). I have passed the European Certificate in E-learning course design and teaching (20 ECTS) at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya - UOC, Barcelona (2008).

I have practiced in my learning processes the following Web 2.0 social media: bookmarking (look at elamberg’s Bookmarks on Delicious) blogging (look at my blog) tagging (look at my LeMill Portfolio) using of wiki (look at our small group learning activity at UOC) and Google Docs (look at our collaborative document Financial Accounting case at UOC)
During the courses (New Technologies of e-Learning 2.0 and Assessment Methods of e-Learning) I would like to learn to use ePortfolio (elgg) and to practise interaction with other students in eJump2.0 network, too. I will focus on 'assessment for learning’, which is to be distinguished from 'assessment of learning'. To my mind ARG Publications and Research Resources for Teachers (ARRT) are very useful internet resources.

González, J & Wagenaar, R. (eds.) (2003). Tuning Educational Structures in Europe. Final Report. Phase One. Retrieved December 17, 2008, from Tuning Project Web site: http://www.tuning.unideusto.org/tuningeu/index.php?option=com_docman&task=docclick&Itemid=59&bid=17&limitstart=0&limit=5

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